Why now? AI for risk reduction kit

Why now is the best time for AI in finance

We’ve curated a special set of resources to help you understand why now is the best time to adopt AI-powered tools in your financial institution.

Download one or all to learn more about how AI can help you increase compliance and mitigate risk when it comes to sanctions screening, AML/KYC compliance and customer onboarding.


Overview: Why now is the best time for AI in finance

A majority of large U.S. companies have experienced financial fraud in the last two years. That’s a staggering amount of loss, but even more staggering is that many financial institutions are still struggling to scale AI across the organization. Now is not the time to be left behind in becoming an AI-first institution. View our infographic for a quick look at why now is the best time to adopt AI for your financial institution.

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Video: Expert advice on starting your AI in finance journey

Adopting AI for your financial institution requires a strategic approach that reimagines and transforms multiple levels of the organization. But, don’t take our word for it, instead, watch this short video featuring Jeff Bell, President and COO of Eventus, a global provider of trade surveillance, market risk, and transaction monitoring solutions. Jeff offers three sound bits of expert advice for financial institutions starting on their AI journey.

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AI in finance helps institutions combat threats, improve compliance

World events, economic uncertainty, cryptocurrencies, and more are all contributing to an increase in financial crime. The ability of criminals to evade detection has grown well beyond the checks and balances put in place to thwart them. Many financial institutions struggle to quickly and accurately identify the entities they do business with, and match them with those on sanctions lists. This blog post gives an overview of some of the challenges facing financial institutions and how explainable AI can help.

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On-demand webinar: Why now? 3 reasons why AI for risk reduction can’t wait

The hard truth is that financial criminals have long been using AI to attack financial networks, and until financial institutions start using the same technology to fight back, they will always be playing catch up. If your organization hasn’t adopted AI tools to reduce your risk exposure, now is the time to start. In this on-demand webinar, Jeff Bell, COO of Eventus Systems and Vamsi Koduru, Director Identity Analytics at BasisTech discuss the benefits of AI for increasing compliance and reducing the risk of loss from crime and fraud. They also offer expert advice on adopting and configuring AI solutions to your needs.

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