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Tag: Unstructured data

Unstructured data does not have a formal, clear order that can be easily understood. Unstructured doesn’t mean “no rules”: Prose (hopefully) follows the rules of grammar while being unstructured. Instead, unstructured data describes information whose format is difficult for a computer to interpret—and who didn’t find grammar a pain?

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What Is AI? Complex Technology in Plain English: Getting AI to Comply Series, Part I

This fall, we’re sharing a series of blog posts exploring AI’s impact on highly regulated industries and the major compliance barrier that stands in the way: the “black box” problem. Setting up the rest of the series, this week’s blog post provides clear explanations of core AI technology and terminology. Artificial Intelligence, Explained There’s a […]

Are Positive or Negative Tweets More “Retweetable” in Brazilian Politics?

Spotlight on our Data Scientist Challenge Winner from the Rosette API Academic Program This winter, Basis Technology held a Data Scientist Challenge to encourage students in the Rosette API Academic Program to use both Rosette API and Rapidminer Studio in the data analytics project of their choice. The aim was to showcase how easy it can be […]

The Wonderful World of Text Analytics!

Discover our most popular plugins for data analytics and search The world of text analytics and search improvement is vast, and we know you have many choices when it comes to picking out tools. Everyone has their own history and preferences, and many companies have legacy tools they can’t just throw away. Learning to play […]

Making sense of unstructured data by turning strings into things

  Gregor Stewart Product Manager for Text Analytics This talk was delivered at the Big Data Analytics, Discovery & Visualization Meetup in Cambridge, MA on August 21st, 2014. Gregor Stewart gives an overview of Basis Technology’s text analytics offerings and how various components can be used to make sense of big text data. In the course of […]

Mission Possible: Connecting Structured and Unstructured Data to Create New Insights

Advanced text analytics can link structured data with unstructured data in ways that were impossible years ago. These capabilities are unlocking insights and enabling new workflows in business domains where entities — people, places, organizations, disease or drug names and more — are the connectors between data sources. ABSTRACT Advanced text analytics can link structured […]