Tag: Text Mining

Text mining, or Text Analytics, is the computational process of deriving useful information from a big pile of textual data. Text mining can be used in different fields such as finance, healthcare, consumer sentiment, and e-discovery, to uncover the hidden value in unstructured text.

You can find our recent articles about text mining on this page.

The Hype of Sentiment Analysis: a cautionary tale

09 Aug 2016

Since attending Sentiment Analysis Symposium last month, we’ve been musing on where we see sentiment-focused text analytics headed next. While we’re excited by industry innovation so far, there’s still a few areas where current offerings are lagging behind the hype. Sentiment analysis can be an incredibly powerful tool, but only when applied to the right […]

Listening to customers is good for business

02 May 2016

Listening to what customers are saying to your sales reps in social media and in product reviews is not just being customer-friendly, it’s good business: 78% of consumers have bailed on a transaction or not made an intended purchase because of a poor service experience. —American Express Survey, 2011 It takes 12 positive experiences to […]

Accurate Language Detection for Queries & Tweets

24 Nov 2014

Doubles the Accuracy of Existing Language Identification Software Basis Technology’s Rosette language identification function has been improved to solve the problem of language detection for short texts. Existing language detectors require many words to confidently identify the language of a string of text, and are therefore unreliable when trying to detect the language of queries, tweets, photo […]

Search and Beyond with Text Analytics

18 Jun 2014

Benson Margulies Chief Technology Officer, Basis Technology This talk looks at how some of our language processing components help applications give users a high quality search experience. This is a partial transcript of the recorded talk. What is SEARCH? We all know what search is, at least we think we do. Search is this box. You type […]


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