Tag: Text Analytics

Happy New Year from Basis Technology

04 Jan 2017

Looking back on 2016 and forward to 2017   Reflecting on a jam-packed year 2016 has been a busy year at Basis Technology with exciting changes in a number of areas. In response to our customers’ desire for more sophisticated text-based entity analysis, we launched a series of new entity-centric features  designed to enhance a […]

It’s going to be a Wiki Christmas thanks to our partner BrightPlanet!

19 Dec 2016

Was Santa involved in Wikileaks too? Our partner BrightPlanet, specializes in harvesting and enriching large open-source datasets. They love big data, and WikiLeaks’ continuously-expanding repository of leaked government documents is like an early Christmas gift! It’s also a great dataset to showcase their scalable harvesting technologies. Combining BrightPlanet’s capabilities with Rosette gives you the perfect […]

Playing Santa Claus in the 21st Century

12 Dec 2016

Applying Smart Technology to a “Seasonal” Challenge   This is a guest blog post written by our partner Omniscien Technologies   With Christmas just around the corner comes the hunt for the perfect gifts for loved ones, family, friends and colleagues, or perhaps that helpful neighbor you wanted to surprise with something special. So what […]

Give your customers the gift of text analytics for the holidays by partnering with Basis Technology

07 Dec 2016

Oh Oh Oh Dear Partners! Since 2014 Basis Technology has supported a dedicated program for its partners. We offer members marketing, sales and technical support including go-to contacts and training materials. Our partner community unites over 40 trusted partners: system integrators, solutions providers and technology innovators. To learn more about our individual partners, we invite […]

Introducing, 25 days of Rosette!

01 Dec 2016

‘Tis the season of giving! Starting today, we’re bringing you 25 days of Rosette, including highlights of the past year and some greatest hits, our treat! Since the launch of the Rosette API in April, our user community has been booming. As a thank you to Rosette fans old and new, we’re using the holiday […]

Deep Learning Powers Cross-Lingual Semantic Similarity Calculation

16 Sep 2016

Text Embeddings Now Available in the Rosette API The Rosette API team is excited to announce the addition of a new function to Rosette’s suite of capabilities: text embedding. This endpoint returns a single vector of floating point numbers for your input, a.k.a. an embedding of your text in a semantic vector space. Text embeddings […]

The Hype of Sentiment Analysis: a cautionary tale

09 Aug 2016

Since attending Sentiment Analysis Symposium last month, we’ve been musing on where we see sentiment-focused text analytics headed next. While we’re excited by industry innovation so far, there’s still a few areas where current offerings are lagging behind the hype. Sentiment analysis can be an incredibly powerful tool, but only when applied to the right […]

Brexit on a Global Scale

24 Jun 2016

Do you have a truly global perspective on the aftermath of the UK’s Brexit? In the event you missed it, the United Kingdom shocked the world early this morning when they elected to be the first country to leave the European Union. The decision will begin a protracted process of re-negotiating trade, business, and political […]


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