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Tag: Structured data

Structured data has some sort of a known, unambiguous order that can be easily understood. The information contained in tables, spreadsheets, taxonomies, and protocols are all examples of structured data.

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What Is AI? Complex Technology in Plain English: Getting AI to Comply Series, Part I

This fall, we’re sharing a series of blog posts exploring AI’s impact on highly regulated industries and the major compliance barrier that stands in the way: the “black box” problem. Setting up the rest of the series, this week’s blog post provides clear explanations of core AI technology and terminology. Artificial Intelligence, Explained There’s a […]

The Wonderful World of Text Analytics!

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Mission Possible: Connecting Structured and Unstructured Data to Create New Insights

Advanced text analytics can link structured data with unstructured data in ways that were impossible years ago. These capabilities are unlocking insights and enabling new workflows in business domains where entities — people, places, organizations, disease or drug names and more — are the connectors between data sources. ABSTRACT Advanced text analytics can link structured […]