Tag: Natural Language Processing

NLP is a subcategory of AI that focuses on computationally handling problems related to human languages. There are a large variety of NLP applications. Some are used to extract quantities, entities, or insights from large datasets. For instance, NLP helps search engines understand language and deliver meaningful search results and financial institutions sift through large numbers of financial documents to find keyphrases or concepts. Others are used to transform raw information into prose. Some major newspapers now use natural language generation to produce short articles. These are just a few examples of how NLP is used.

You can find our recent articles about NLP on this page.

Webinar Recording: Deep Learning’s Impact on NLP

04 Jan 2019
Webinar Recording

In December 2018, our Chief Scientist Kfir Bar presented a 30-minute webinar about: How deep learning is impacting NLP Pros and cons of deep learning for NLP Factors to consider when deciding whether or not to jump into deep learning Download the slides The body of the talk begins at 2:32.

What Is AI? Complex Technology in Plain English: Getting AI to Comply Series, Part I

03 Oct 2018

This fall, we’re sharing a series of blog posts exploring AI’s impact on highly regulated industries and the major compliance barrier that stands in the way: the “black box” problem. Setting up the rest of the series, this week’s blog post provides clear explanations of core AI technology and terminology. Artificial Intelligence, Explained There’s a […]

Rosette Cloud 1.11: New Entity Types, Hungarian Names, and Cross Language Semantics

29 Aug 2018

We’re thrilled to announce the latest version of Rosette (1.11). It’s a big one — lots of exciting new features, enhancements, and improvements. We hope you’ll check it out! TL; DR check the release notes. Entities: Enhanced Extraction and Linking with New Types Rosette Entity Extraction & Linking now recognizes 700 new classes of entities […]

Can you rely on the Treasury Department’s Sanctions List Search?

11 Nov 2014

When the United States wants to prohibit its citizens and corporations from doing business with a foreign national, that individual is added to the Specially Designated Nationals list maintained by the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the US Department of the Treasury. One person on that list is Chabaane Ben Mohamed al-Trabelsi*, a Tunisian […]

Search and Beyond with Text Analytics

18 Jun 2014

Benson Margulies Chief Technology Officer, Basis Technology This talk looks at how some of our language processing components help applications give users a high quality search experience. This is a partial transcript of the recorded talk. What is SEARCH? We all know what search is, at least we think we do. Search is this box. You type […]


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