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Name matching is the process of comparing two names by measuring the similarity between them to determine how likely they are to be a match.

Name matching has been a challenge because names vary in myriad ways and come from many cultures and languages which each have their own customs for nicknames or shortening names.

Rosette solves the name matching challenges with a linguistic, statistics-based system that compares and matches names of people, places, and organizations despite their many variations. Built by linguistics experts, our name matching is unrivaled in its ability to connect entities with high adaptability, precision, and scalability. With fluency across 17 languages and a deep understanding of the linguistic complexities of names, Rosette is the first choice for name matching.

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How Does Rosette Calculate Name Match Scores?

Imagine that you’re responsible for determining whether the name Jesús Alfonso López Díaz matches a name on a credit report or a no-fly list. Naturally, you’d like a simple, match/no match result. After all, it seems like a straightforward matter of text comparison, so any computer should be able to perform the task. But when […]

Fuzzy Search Names in Elasticsearch Using Rosette Name Matching

Elasticsearch developers who want to fuzzy search names across multiple fields and cover the spectrum of name variations (sometimes two or more in a single name), know how much of a bear it can be. Until now, the solution has not been completely satisfactory, comprehensive, nor clean, but that’s all about to change.

How to Measure Accuracy of Name Matching Technology

Not all data is equal, and your data is the most important criteria for finding a name matching tool that will perform optimally with it. We discuss two things you need to do a thorough comparison of name matching tools.

FinCrime in Focus: Challenges in Screening

We hosted a discussion between Jeanne Le Garrec, Regional Director, ASEAN region at Basis Technology and Hwee Kun Ho, Head of Sales, APAC at Napier to discuss challenges in screening for financial crime compliance and share Jeanne’s vast experience. In this episode of FinCrime in Focus: Challenges in Screening, we focused on screening challenges: their causes, and how to overcome these with […]

Linking In-house and Third-party Data to Streamline Success

Are you bumping into the walls of siloed data? Whether your company is grappling with legacy systems that don’t integrate or datasets from third-party sources without common keys, there are ways to create matches in the data that paint a more robust view of your customer, prospect, or person of interest.  Consolidating Your In-house Data […]

Name Matching Gets a Shot in the ARM (chip)

Or, How We Made Name Screening Efficient and Eco-friendly In this webinar Basis Technology’s Declan Trezise (Director of Global Solutions Engineering) and Peter De Bie (Senior Sales Engineer) discussed the interesting confluence of modern AI technology with the exploding adoption of the highly efficient ARM architecture chip. This led to Rosette® name matching technology customers […]

Recipe for Success: Speed to Market for Customer Onboarding

The cryptocurrency market has become explosive in what feels like overnight. With the skyrocketing values of coins, the industry has gained mainstream awareness — but with more popularity comes higher expectations from customers.  Use Case: Uphold Keeping Up With AML Regulations With anti-money laundering (AML) regulations becoming stricter, banking institutions need to screen current and […]

Recipe for Success: Keeping Up with AML Regulations Using AI

Anti-money laundering (AML) regulations are continually getting stricter and dramatically impacting financial institutions. Firms are having trouble keeping up with ordinances, so they are not screening as accurately or as often. As a result, they are taking on a large amount of risk that may result in billions of dollars worth of fines. But these […]

Top 5 Takeaways from AI for Human Language

AI for Human Language 2021 brought together hundreds of professionals in cybersecurity, financial security, and compliance to explore technology available today that is enabling us to verify identities and anticipate world events. In this (almost in-person) virtual experience, speakers from IDF Unit 8200, Cybersixgill, Recorded Future, Metis Augmented Intelligence, and more came together to demonstrate […]

Evolution and Formation of Hebrew Names and Nicknames

Like many other languages and cultures, Hebrew names have been influenced by languages of countries where Jewish people lived, but also by the fact that within the last half century, Hebrew became a living language again, with native speakers creating their own unique naming traditions. This blog will focus on Jewish names in Hebrew and […]

The Basics of Japanese Names: How They Are Chosen, Written, and Read

Japanese names for people occupy an unusual niche in that seeing a written name doesn’t mean you’ll know how to pronounce it. Furthermore, hearing a name doesn’t mean you’ll know how to write it — even if you are a native Japanese speaker! How come? Let’s start with a quick overview of written Japanese. Japanese, […]

Welcome to OFAC Compliance, Apple

Name matching failure results in $467,000 fine and delivers a wake-up call for all companies Once upon a time, it seemed only banks and border security had to worry about the issues around watchlist screening… until Apple was slapped with a $467,000 fine on Monday, 1 for having entered into an App Store agreement with […]

Hungarian Names: Challenges For Fuzzy Name Matching

The U.S. might pride itself on being a “melting pot” of cultures, but when it comes to a melting pot for names, Hungary is king. To start, Hungarians (or Magyars) don’t originate in Europe. Current consensus places their origin in the southern Ural mountains.1 The ancient Hungarians had very close contacts with Iranian and Turkic […]

Rosette Cloud 1.11: New Entity Types, Hungarian Names, and Cross Language Semantics

We’re thrilled to announce the latest version of Rosette (1.11). It’s a big one — lots of exciting new features, enhancements, and improvements. We hope you’ll check it out! TL; DR check the release notes. Entities: Enhanced Extraction and Linking with New Types Rosette Entity Extraction & Linking now recognizes 700 new classes of entities […]

Analyzing Thai Names: Superstition, History, and Foreign Influence

Names are inherently complex to analyze, match, and resolve in any language, but Thai names in particular are uniquely challenging to understand and match. Naming conventions in Thailand have a fascinating history and evolution that must be understood in order to build a name matching model that can parse Thai names properly. If your data […]