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Analyzing Thai Names: Superstition, History, and Foreign Influence

Names are inherently complex to analyze, match, and resolve in any language, but Thai names in particular are uniquely challenging to understand and match. Naming conventions in Thailand have a fascinating history and evolution that must be understood in order to build a name matching model that can parse Thai names properly. If your data […]

Happy Birthday, Soundex!

Honoring the 100th anniversary of the first phonetic name matching patent One hundred years ago on April 12, 1918, the patent for Soundex, the first phonetic name matching system, was issued. While Rosette name matching is a hybrid of many methods, phonetics play a key role in laying the groundwork for the powerful and accurate […]

Arabic and Afghan Name Translation Software Improves Intelligence Analysis

Software suite facilitates inter-agency collaboration; meets federally mandated intelligence standards Cambridge—June 8, 2011—A crucial tool for U.S. intelligence agencies charged with translating foreign languages vital to national security was unveiled today by Basis Technology. The Highlight language analysis suite version 4.0 quickly and consistently translates the names of people and places from Arabic script to English, […]