Tag: Multilingual Search

Stretching the Boundaries of Search: Basis Partners with Elasticsearch

08 Aug 2013

Over the years Basis Technology has developed partnerships with a wide variety of companies.  These collaborations have brought the advanced multilingual search and text analytics capabilities of Rosette, our enterprise linguistics platform, to e-discovery, government intelligence, financial compliance, and social media monitoring. Recently, we’ve had an incredible push for open source search, and this summer […]

Mark Bennet Interviews Andrew Paulsen on Searchhub.org

22 Jul 2013

Andrew Paulsen, Basis Technology Regional Sales Director, was interviewed recently by Mark Bennet on Searchhub.org. In the interview, Andrew succinctly answers many of the common questions that our prospective customers are asking about how our software complements and improves open source search engines. Here’s an excerpt! Andrew: To sum up our value proposition in relation […]

From Text to Truth: Real-World Facets for Multilingual Search

30 Apr 2013

Benson Margulies, Basis Technology’s CTO, will be presenting From Text to Truth: Real-World Facets for Multilingual Search at Lucene Revolution on May 1, 2013, in San Diego, CA. Excerpt: From Text to Truth: Real-World Facets for Multilingual Search Solr’s ability to facet search results gives end-users a valuable way to drill down to what they […]

Indexing Strategies for Multilingual Search with Solr and Rosette

30 Apr 2012

As a solutions engineer at Basis Technology, I often discuss the integration of Rosette and Apache Solr with our existing and potential clients, who look to Rosette to improve Solr search in many languages (including English). Generally this integration is a fairly simple process that involves little, if any, programming. There are a number of nuances to it however, […]


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