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Hungarian Names: Challenges For Fuzzy Name Matching

The U.S. might pride itself on being a “melting pot” of cultures, but when it comes to a melting pot for names, Hungary is king. To start, Hungarians (or Magyars) don’t originate in Europe. Current consensus places their origin in the southern Ural mountains.1 The ancient Hungarians had very close contacts with Iranian and Turkic […]

Rosette Cloud 1.11: New Entity Types, Hungarian Names, and Cross Language Semantics

We’re thrilled to announce the latest version of Rosette (1.11). It’s a big one — lots of exciting new features, enhancements, and improvements. We hope you’ll check it out! TL; DR check the release notes. Entities: Enhanced Extraction and Linking with New Types Rosette Entity Extraction & Linking now recognizes 700 new classes of entities […]