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Tag: Hackathon

Customer Hackathons: In the Trenches with Rosette Engineers

Basis Technology and Kyper Data Technologies engineers collaborate on code. Image by Alyssa Watson of Kyper. It’s 9am, the coffee is freshly brewed, and fingers are hovering over keyboards, poised to start. As with most hackathons, there’s a palpable buzz in the room, muted discussions of engineers eager to put their skills and expertise to […]

Makisu Day: Rolling Up Innovative Ideas at Basis Technology

Recently, Basis Technology decided to take a break from the routine of Agile/Scrum to have our first ever “hackathon” day. The only rules were: Pick a project that is related to Basis Technology and would be beneficial to our internal community or to the community at large. There are no other rules. Employees generated over […]