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Amazon Is Banking on Unbundling: Five Takeaways from Future of Fintech

CB Insights’ Future of Fintech conference was a star-studded event. Built around “fireside chats” with the industry’s leading minds, the conference had a uniquely intimate atmosphere. For those who couldn’t make the trip (or are just curious), Basis Technology COO Steve Cohen shares five key takeaways: 1. The unbundling of financial services In his keynote, […]

Meet the Know Identity Panelists

Basis Technology brings together digital identity experts for a panel at the Know Identity Conference, March 26th Next week the Know Identity Conference in Washington D.C. will bring together thought leaders and technologists in digital identity, cybersecurity, KYC/AML, and more to explore how technology can help us understand, verify, and explore human identities in a […]

How Will AI and Machine Learning Enhance Anticipatory Intelligence?

A sneak peek at #HLTCon 2017 “I see…practical anticipatory intelligence for your agency in your future…” Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and their ilk are ready for national security applications (of which anticipatory intelligence is something of a holy grail), posits Charlie Greenbacker. As VP, Analytics at In-Q-Tel, a strategic investor of the U.S. intelligence and […]

Minds Converge: A Machine Learning Meeting in Toulon

Basis Technology R&D presents at the International Conference on Learning Representations in France The International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR) is an annual gathering of leading machine learning experts working in both industry and academia. This year’s conference was held from April 24-26 in Toulon, France. ICLR focuses on a broad range of subjects, with […]