Tag: Entity Extraction

Entity extraction  is the process of identifying words in a given text that refer to people, places, products, organizations, etc. by using different extraction methods such as statistical or deep neural network processors, exact match processors, and pattern matching processors. When used together with entity resolution, the extracted words can be mapped to real life entities.

You can find our recent articles about entity extraction on this page.

Keeping pace with the ever-changing name of ISIS through the lens of Wikipedia

30 Sep 2014

If you’ve followed recent events in Syria and Iraq, then you’ve surely heard of an organization that at various times is referred to as ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant), ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), or just IS (Islamic State). While the New York Times recently decided to use “ISIS” in […]

Who, What, When, Where and the Quest for Why

01 May 2014

The marriage of Geospatial Intelligence and Entity Resolution.

This blog post is inspired by the many conversations we had at the recent GEOINT Symposium about how geospatial data can become an ideal pivot point for an entity resolution system enabling users to transition from When and Where to Who and What and the elusive Why.

Understanding Dari and Pashto Names: A Challenge to Intelligence Gathering in Afghanistan

20 Sep 2012

Shakespeare asked “What’s in a name?” It turns out there’s a lot in the name of a typical Afghani including common nouns and personal titles—not used as titles! One of our linguistic experts, Bushra Zawaydeh, wrote today’s post about the challenges to natural language processing software of automatically extracting names of people from text written in the […]

Rosette Version 7.6 Released!

05 Sep 2012

Extract New Entity Types and Languages; Enhanced Name Translation and Matching for Spanish and Persian Names We’re excited to announce the release of Rosette 7.6 which has many improvements, and several new features. New Entity Type: Products Rosette Entity Extractor can now find product names in news and review articles. Product names are key to brand […]

Mission Possible: Connecting Structured and Unstructured Data to Create New Insights

20 Jun 2012

Advanced text analytics can link structured data with unstructured data in ways that were impossible years ago. These capabilities are unlocking insights and enabling new workflows in business domains where entities — people, places, organizations, disease or drug names and more — are the connectors between data sources. ABSTRACT Advanced text analytics can link structured […]

Mining Gold from Big Data with Text Analytics

15 Feb 2012

Sunday’s New York Times featured a news analysis article about the age of big data and how that means more analysis and technologies are being applied to domains which formerly seemed removed from data crunching—political science, sports, advertising, public health, and more. Technology reporter Steve Lohr highlights “a drift toward data-driven discovery and decision-making.” Although the article […]


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