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Tag: Benson Margulies

A Better Pure Java RegEx Engine

Regular expressions are ubiquitous in NLP, not to mention many miscellaneous text-processing tasks. People use regular expressions as a quick solution to matching and parsing. People build entire complex extraction systems with regular expressions. Some people get themselves into serious trouble by trying to apply them beyond their natural limits. Once upon a time, regular […]

Listening to the Customer with Text Analytics

As the old saying goes, “The customer is always right.” But how do we know what customers are saying when they aren’t talking to us directly and there may be millions of them? And how can we decide when something a single customer is saying has implications for the way we do business with all of our customers?

Search and Beyond with Text Analytics

Benson Margulies Chief Technology Officer, Basis Technology This talk looks at how some of our language processing components help applications give users a high quality search experience. This is a partial transcript of the recorded talk. What is SEARCH? We all know what search is, at least we think we do. Search is this box. You type […]

Lucene Revolution: Update from the Conference

The Basis Technology team is here in San Diego at the Lucene Revolution conference! We kicked off the show in style at the opening party, where everyone had a great time on the roof deck with food and drinks provided by Basis Technology. We had a great time getting to know many of the attendees […]

From Text to Truth: Real-World Facets for Multilingual Search

Benson Margulies, Basis Technology’s CTO, will be presenting From Text to Truth: Real-World Facets for Multilingual Search at Lucene Revolution on May 1, 2013, in San Diego, CA. Excerpt: From Text to Truth: Real-World Facets for Multilingual Search Solr’s ability to facet search results gives end-users a valuable way to drill down to what they […]