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Exploit the potential of text analytics

The current generation of platforms and apps are exploiting the potential of text analytics and big data more than ever. But if natural language processing isn’t your core competency, then you’re probably looking for alternatives to rolling your own (especially if your market horizon extends beyond the world of English speakers).

Rocket fuel for startups

Rosette, from Basis Technology, is the text analytics platform of choice for leading firms in a wide range of verticals, including enterprise search, business intelligence, data mining, eDiscovery, financial compliance, and national security. The same high-performance, rigorously-tested NLP suite used by Airbnb, Attivio, Microsoft, Oracle, Pinterest, Salesforce, StumbleUpon, Yelp, and countless others is available to startups.


  • Full suite of tools required for high-quality multilingual text search, including language identification, tokenization, lemmatization, decompounding, part-of-speech tagging, entity extraction, and cross-lingual fuzzy name matching
  • Single API with access to all languages, so there’s no need to find and integrate new solutions for every new language you encounter. Simply turn on additional languages as needed


Recent Alumni

Luminoso gives computers the ability to understand people the way people understand each other by giving them a structural foundation of common-sense reasoning that sits at the forward-edge of text analytics. Because Luminoso’s engine already contains a massive body of cognitive understanding, it approaches every document with this inherent awareness.

Tamr logoTamr, Inc. simplifies and automates data preparation for spend analytics, clinical data integration, and other business problems, so businesses can ask big questions and get to business insights faster. The Tamr platform combines human insight with machine learning algorithms to unify and prepare data across data silos for analytics.

Diffeo logoDiffeo is a knowledge discovery company that helps people organize the world’s information by mining unbounded streams of Big Data and Big Text using entity coreference resolution and novelty ranking to enable entity-centric search of the Web and private content.

Zoomd’s innovative action recommendation engine for the mobile web creates new revenue opportunities and increases site “stickiness” for search engines, publishers, and e-commerce sites. ZoomdNext speeds smartphone users from web search to end goal by divining user intent and offering clickable next steps. Related search links from ZoomdNext can increase click-throughs by 20% for typical web searches.

Recorded Future uses the web to help its customers anticipate risks and capitalize on opportunities. The web is the richest real-time information about the world, generated and updated by millions of people every day. Recorded Future’s products reveal the signals in the noise of the web that lead to insights for its customers.

“Rosette enables us to expand beyond English to collect intelligence from a global network of sources in European, Asian, and Middle Eastern languages, resulting in deeper insights for our customers.”

– Christopher Ahlberg CEO & co-founder of Recorded Future

Prattle Analytics logoPrattle extracts tradable signals from the noise of the financial markets. Its Central Bank Sentiment Index was the first commercially available quantitative “Fed watching” data. Going beyond human analysis, Prattle’s indexes provide unbiased evaluations of central bank communications in real time to finance professionals using the history of past communications and connected market reactions.