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Exploit the potential of text analytics

The current generation of platforms and apps are exploiting the potential of text analytics and big data more than ever. But if natural language processing isn’t your core competency, then you’re probably looking for alternatives to rolling your own (especially if your market horizon extends beyond the world of English speakers).

Rocket fuel for startups

Rosette, from Basis Technology, is the text analytics platform of choice for leading firms in a wide range of verticals, including enterprise search, business intelligence, data mining, eDiscovery, financial compliance, and national security. The same high-performance, rigorously-tested NLP suite used by Airbnb, Attivio, Microsoft, Oracle, Pinterest, Salesforce, StumbleUpon, Yelp, and countless others is available to startups.


  • Full suite of tools required for high-quality multilingual text search, including language identification, tokenization, lemmatization, decompounding, part-of-speech tagging, entity extraction, and cross-lingual fuzzy name matching
  • Single API with access to all languages, so there’s no need to find and integrate new solutions for every new language you encounter. Simply turn on additional languages as needed

Selected Participants and Graduates

Diffeo logo

Diffeo builds AI-powered search and discovery tools that accelerate research and discovery. It seamlessly connects familiar tools like Chrome and Microsoft Office and retrieves data to fill your knowledge gaps.

“Basis Tech is widely recognized by customers and partners as providing the world’s most sophisticated multi-lingual text analytics platform. Diffeo has been partnered with Basis for many years, and we use their products in many mission critical systems. Every week, I hear end users and senior technology leaders in our customers singing the praises of Basis. This ties back to their excellent team of professionals and visionaries, who continually push the technology envelope.”

– John Frank, CEO & Co-founder, Diffeo

Kanopy logo

Kanopy is an on-demand streaming video platform to library borrowers and universities. Their catalog of award-winning films and documentaries aspires to bridge cultural boundaries and broaden the worldview of their viewers.

Luminoso logo

Luminoso reveals what your customers & employees are saying by using AI and natural language understanding to pull the most relevant themes from customer feedback (support tickets, open-ended survey responses, or reviews).

“Using Rosette positions Luminoso well for faster entry into new markets and languages.”

– Catherine Havasi, Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Luminoso

Prattle Analytics logo

Prattle extracts tradable signals from the noise of the financial markets. Its Central Bank Sentiment Index was the first commercially available quantitative “Fed watching” data, providing unbiased evaluations of central bank communications in real time to finance analysts by using the history of past communications and connected market reactions.

“The accuracy and dependability of Basis Technology’s entity extraction is powering a set of analyses that otherwise could not be executed in real time. Looking ahead, as we expand to the broader financial data space, we see the importance of Basis Technology’s text analytics only growing for us.”

– Evan Schnidman, Founder & CEO, Prattle

Quantiply logo

Quantiply fights financial crime by delivering a suite of fully automated artificial intelligence (AI) powered risk and compliance softwares that address Know Your Customer (KYC), and Anti-Money Laundering (AML).

Recorded Future logo

Recorded Future delivers contextualized threat intelligence to power a truly proactive security strategy. Relevant insights, updated in real time, and integrated with your existing infrastructure drives swift, informed security decisions.

“Rosette enables us to expand beyond English to collect intelligence from a global network of sources in European, Asian, and Middle Eastern languages, resulting in deeper insights for our customers.”

– Christopher Ahlberg, CEO & Co-founder, Recorded Future

Tamr logo

Tamr helps large enterprises unlock unparalleled insight from data silos. Through a next generation data engineering pipeline, Tamr cleans, curates, and classifies all the data using patented human-guided machine learning.

“Basis Tech is a great company to work with- they have a compelling suite of products and phenomenal people. We are proud partners… I strongly recommend working for or with them.”

– Krista Glotzbach, Strategic Accounts & APAC Lead, Tamr

Zoomd provides relevant search results with contextual ads to increase content monetization. For advertisers, Zoomd offers mobile user acquisition and retention and a unified dashboard to manage these tasks.

“Deploying Rosette enables Zoomd to instantly and accurately discern the intent of web surfers and online shoppers from around the globe.”

– Amit Bohensky, CEO,