Sentiment Analysis with RapidMiner

Determine document or entity-specific sentiment with Rosette’s RapidMiner Extension

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The Rosette toolkit is a must-have RapidMiner extension for text analytics. Use the sentiment analysis operator to identify the sentiment of unstructured texts including online reviews, social media posts, and news about your brand, product or competitors.

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Analyze Sentiment in Four Easy Steps

Download the Extension

Click here to install the Rosette text analytics extension in RapidMiner Studio from the Marketplace. If you need help, check out our blog post.

Sign Up for Rosette API

Sign up for Rosette API here to make up to 10,000 calls per month for free (up to 1,000 calls per day). No credit card required.

Enter your API Key & Analyze

Enter your API key to start using Rosette’s sentiment analysis capability, and discover the overall and entity-specific sentiment of your text.

Interpret the Results

Check out the confidence score for positive, negative, and neutral entities. Categorize and link them to leverage your results with Rosette’s other capabilities.

All-in-One Solution for Text Analysis

The Rosette toolkit can help you with not only sentiment analysis, but with all your text analytics needs. Use the full functionality of the Rosette API with the RapidMiner extension to extract and link entities, run deep-dive analyses, and get the most out of your unstructured text.

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sentiment analysis with Rapidminer

Various Fields of Applications

Sentiment analysis has applications to many verticals, including:

  • Buyer satisfaction and product recommendations
  • Call centers and support communities
  • HR systems predicting employee churn
  • National security monitoring threat signals
  • Financial risk and volatility
  • Political polling and election predictions
  • Market trends and disruptions

Looking for a sentiment analysis solution for an academic project? Check out our academic program to learn more.

Don’t take our word for it. Try it now by signing up for our free plan.

Download the extension Get your api key

Frequently Asked Questions

How many calls are being used when I use the RapidMiner extension?

In our RapidMiner extension (as well as our upcoming Microsoft Excel plugin), one operator running on one Example (row of text) equates to one call. Please let us know if you notice any discrepancies.

What marketplaces (or applications) can I find your API in?

To use the extension for RapidMiner Studio, install the Rosette Text Toolkit from the marketplace, and paste your Rosette API key into a connection in the "Manage Connections" dialog. The Rosette toolkit offers most Rosette API endpoints as easy-to-use RapidMiner operators.
The Rosette API is also available in ProgrammableWeb and Mashape. We also have a Postman Collection to download and easily run each endpoint of the Rosette API. Just set the value of an API-KEY environment variable as your Rosette API key and run the examples within that environment.

How do I retrieve my API Key?

Log in to your Developer Portal using the credentials you used upon signing up and go to the API Key section of the site to see your running apps and their keys.

What's the difference between Rosette's Cloud API and On-Premise solutions?

Rosette is Basis Technology’s flagship product, a suite of linguistic tools that support a variety of different languages and can be accessed through multiple interfaces. When we refer to the “Rosette API” or our “Cloud API” we’re talking about the SaaS version of Rosette, a cloud-based RESTful web service that supports most of Rosette’s overall functionality. We host our API in the AWS cloud. Results are returned as JSON and we offer seven different client bindings plus a RapidMiner extension.
Rosette can also be hosted by you and your organization on-premise. Our on-premise deployment gives you full control of your data and its security. In many cases, it also offers better latency than the Cloud API. Our On-Premise solutions also offer individualized customization options, including Rosette’s unique “state-ful” features — name indexing, custom entity extraction model training, and custom knowledge bases for entity linking — that are not available in the Cloud API.


Rosette On-Premise comes in two major “flavors” for different organizational needs: Java SDKs or on-premise API hosting. Contact us for more information and a custom evaluation.

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