Rosette Plugin for RapidMiner

From data cleaning to predictive analytics using RapidMiner Studio

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RapidMiner and Rosette integrate to deliver the necessary tools for organizations, from all verticals, to analyze their data and make decisions based on clean and correctly labeled data. Data modeling and text analytics are key to strengthening your competitive advantage and strategy.

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RapidMiner Entity Extraction Extention
RapidMiner Name Matching Extention
RapidMiner Language Identification Extention
RapidMiner Entity Linking Extention
RapidMiner Name Translations Extention
RapidMiner Sentence Tagging Extention
RapidMiner Sentiment Analysis Extention
RapidMiner Categorization Extention
RapidMiner Morphological Analysis Extention
RapidMiner Tokenization Extention
RapidMiner Name Deduplication Extention

The full functionality of the Rosette Cloud

The Rosette text analytics extension contains RapidMiner operators for 10 different Rosette Cloud endpoints (or functions).

Users can now analyze sentiment, extract entities, translate names, tokenize multilingual input, and more — all within their native RapidMiner workflow.

Whether you’re trying to hear the “voice of the customer”, monitor what finances go to whom in three different languages, or even just cleaning that jumbled text data you’ve been handed – the Rosette text analytics can help.

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An all-in-one platform for data scientists and business analysts

Organizations can now create models and apply predictive analytics within any business vertical:

  • a food delivery service and looking to improve targeted marketing campaigns
  • a hospital trying to utilize predictive analytics in the operating room
  • a manufacturing company looking to understand the trend of its company and product using review

To see quick ROI and good results, you need to use the right tools. RapidMiner and Rosette are your best bet.

Rosette operators plug directly into RapidMiner Studio, allowing users to add tags to their data and extract meaningful information. Available operators include sentiment analysis, categorization, entity extraction and morphological analysis.

The platform is easy to use and makes prototyping a repeatable model possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many calls are being used when I use the RapidMiner extension?

In our RapidMiner extension (as well as upcoming Microsoft Excel plugin), one operator running on one Example (row of text) equates to one call. Please let us know if you're noticing any discrepancies.

What marketplaces (or applications) can I find your API in?

We have built an extension for RapidMiner Studio -- if you are a RapidMiner user, install the Rosette Text Toolkit from the marketplace, and paste your Rosette Cloud key into a connection in the "Manage Connections" dialog. The Rosette Text Toolkit offers most endpoints of the Rosette Cloud as easy-to-use RapidMiner operators.

The Rosette Cloud is also available in ProgrammableWeb and Mashape.

We also have a Postman Collection to download and easily run each endpoint of the Rosette Cloud. Just set the value of an API-KEY environment variable as your Rosette Cloud key and run the examples within that environment.

How do I retrieve my API Key?

Log in to your Developer Portal using the credentials you used upon signing up and go to the API Key section of the site to see your running apps and their keys.

What's the difference between Rosette's Cloud API and On-Premise solutions?

Rosette is Basis Technology’s flagship product, a suite of linguistic tools that support a variety of different languages and can be accessed through multiple interfaces. When we refer to the “Rosette Cloud” or our “Cloud API” we’re talking about the SaaS version of Rosette, a cloud-based RESTful web service that supports most of Rosette’s overall functionality. We host our API in the AWS cloud. Results are returned as JSON and we offer seven different client bindings plus a RapidMiner extension. You can sign up for a Rosette Cloud account by visiting our developer portal. Just getting started? Sign up for a 30-day free trial

When we talk about Rosette On-Premise, we’re talking about versions of Rosette that are hosted by you and your organization. Using Rosette On-Premise gives you full control of your data and its security. In many cases, it also offers better latency than the Cloud API. Our On-Premise solutions also offer individualized customization options, including Rosette’s unique “state-ful” features — name indexing, custom entity extraction model training, and custom knowledge bases for entity linking — that are not available in the Cloud API.

Rosette On-Premise comes in two major “flavors” for different organizational needs:

  • Rosette Enterprise: This version looks and feels like the basic Rosette Cloud API (all bindings and extensions are included), but is hosted on your private cloud or machine. You get to control the latency, and can decide which of Rosette’s functions and languages you want to utilize (but it comes with all of them on one install). Rosette Enterprise comes with a web service RESTful API, as well as a simple Java API/JVM mode. All functions except Fuzzy Name Matching for ElasticSearch are available in this package.

  • SDK: This mostly-Java SDK that will look familiar to Java programmers and to current Basis customers, and will have the most flexibility and customizability for "state-ful" features. Some of our functions don't have specialized SDKs (like Sentiment Analysis and Relationship Extraction)— for those, Rosette Enterprise is required. An SDK is especially appealing to users who want to just focus on one or two of our Rosette functions to a very in-depth level, and for users who are highly interested in our Name Indexing capabilities — our Fuzzy Name Matching for ElasticSearch runs on an SDK only.

If your organization has specific needs not addressed here, let us know! Rosette On-Premise can be customized to integrate into your system. Contact us for more information and a custom evaluation.