Enhancing Text Analytics for RapidMiner with the Rosette® Toolkit


RapidMiner is the industry’s #1 predictive analytics platform. The client platform, RapidMiner Studio, empowers organizations to easily prep data, create models and operationalize predictive analytics within any business process. Most of RapidMiner’s users have to deal with messy text data in order to run their analyses, and until now they’ve been mostly left on their own. Now they can utilize the power of the Rosette API within their processes in RapidMiner Studio, in the form of an extension in the RapidMiner marketplace — the Rosette Text Toolkit.

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The full functionality of the Rosette API

The Rosette Text Toolkit extension contains RapidMiner operators for 10 different Rosette API endpoints (or functions). Users can now analyze sentiment, extract entities, translate names, tokenize multilingual input, and more — all within their native RapidMiner workflow. Whether you’re trying to hear the “voice of the customer”, monitor what finances go to whom in three different languages, or even just cleaning that jumbled text data you’ve been handed – the Rosette Text Toolkit can help.

The ease of the Rosette API

The Rosette Text Toolkit runs on the Rosette API, Basis Technology’s SaaS offering that wraps up all of our text analytics tools into an easy-to-use RESTful API. To get started with the Rosette API, just sign up for a free trial at developer.rosette.com, check out the documentation and test it out, and find your API key. Once you’ve found that key, you’re ready to head to RapidMiner to start analyzing your text.

Open the RapidMiner Marketplace in RapidMiner Studio and find the Rosette Text Toolkit. Install the extension, and enter your Rosette API key in a connection in the ‘Manage Connections’ dialog. Now you’re ready to use any of the Rosette operators in RapidMiner — just set that Rosette connection in the parameter of each operator.

The Rosette Text Toolkit for RapidMiner is also available as an on-premise solution – contact us for a trial version.

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“Our partnership with Basis Technology adds powerful multilingual text analytics using advanced natural language processing to the RapidMiner platform, complimenting our existing statistical text analytics capabilities.”

—Dr. Ingo Mierswa
Founder and Chief Technology Officer at RapidMiner