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The Basis Technology Partner Program is free with dedicated partner marketing and education support. With our partners, we aim to jointly develop solutions, bring them to market, and promote our businesses together.

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We partner with search-based solution providers and system integrators around the world, who are focused on industry-specific text analytics, big data, or search & discovery applications to solve business and government needs. Our partners enable us to meet increasingly diverse challenges in search and insight generation from volumes of unstructured text.

Flexible and progressive partnership agreements

Basis Technology offers a range of partnerships with varying levels of benefits and commitments. Partners can increase their partnership level (gold, silver, bronze) for greater financial rewards—bigger commissions, deeper discounts—as they acquire more Basis Technology certifications and bring in more deals.

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“Basis Technology is the world leader in text analytics components. We rely on amazing partners to provide additional analytic tools or to build customer solutions so organizations can get the complete value from their data.”

– Steve Cohen

COO of Basis Technology