How Rosette Outperforms the Competition

Language Coverage
Scale more easily and efficiently with a single source of APIs and SDKs for all your language needs. From language identification in 55 languages, to entity extraction in over 17 languages including all the major European, Asian and Middle Eastern languages.

Out-of-the-box, our tools provide high accuracy for most kinds of text. Our statistical algorithms for extraction have been tuned to work without the overhead of annotating and training models yourself. With an additional array of field training kits available, you can further hone your models for best-in-class results.

The Rosette text analytics toolkit has been architected to provide unparalleled response and throughput efficiency. Additional scalability and integration options give you the best possible performance without sacrificing accuracy.

All of the Rosette functions are designed to work stand-alone or together, eliminating risks inherent in maintaining multi-source integrations. For example, our language identification tool provides an output that is directly consumable by our morphological and entity tools.

Every Rosette function is adaptable to optimize its performance on your particular data and use case, whether through a rich set of configurations or field training options for the statistical models.

Each product ships with comprehensive documentation that includes a large array of use cases for rapid setup, configuration, and integration.

To help users get the most out of their investment, Basis Technology offers regular Rosette workshops, solution hackathons, and training for its partners and customers.

Dedicated support is ready to help ensure your success. Investing in the Rosette product family means having access to our customer engineering team’s full attention when you need it, remotely or on-site.