Name Translation
Name Translation

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Instantly translate many names to (and from) English.

Most Names In The World Are Not Written In English

Process millions of foreign names for accurate English translations

Should you translate according to spelling or according to meaning?

Examples of challenges

Which words in a name should be translated according to their spelling and which words according to their meaning?

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A name written in a foreign language may be native to that language, such as محمود أحمدي نجاد (Mahmoud Ahmadinejad), or may be an English name written in a foreign alphabet, such as جورج دبليو بوش (George W. Bush).

The solution

  • Generate “conventional spellings” of frequently appearing foreign names
  • Process “unrecognized” names, i.e., those not appearing in any known catalog of foreign names
  • Incorporate complex transliteration standards (such as the IC or U.S. Board on Geographic Names) for translating a name from a foreign alphabet into English
  • Automatically resolve name spelling ambiguities in the source language, such as partial vocalization of Arabic, or word segmentation in Chinese


From desktop to cloud, we have you covered with our robust SDK and RESTful cloud API.

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Supported Languages & Features

9 Language Pairs

Arabic ↔ English
Dari ↔ English
Farsi ↔ English
Pashto ↔ English
Urdu ↦ English

Chinese ↔ English
Japanese ↦ English
Korean ↔ English
Russian ↔ English

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