Entity Extraction for elasticsearch

Identify people, locations, organizations, and more lying hidden in your unstructured text.

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Rosette extracts 18 entities in 20 languages with reduced processing time and high accuracy. Unlike other named entity recognition software, with Rosette you can run unsupervised training on your data to uncover the entities even you are not aware of.

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Quick and Easy Integration

Get better search results fast with Rosette’s 100% Java plug and play connection to Elastic. Download, install, and start querying with just one line of code.


Rosette is pre-trained on 18 entity types and 20 languages and can be adapted in the field to domain-specific content for improved accuracy.

Cloud API

Easily deploy on the Cloud API and use it with the appropriate bindings for yourself. Sign up now to try.

Connect Your Unstructred Text to the Real World

Rosette not only extracts entities but links them to real-world knowledge base entries such as Wikidata. Go beyond entities and take the full advantage of Rosette with language identification, categorization, and sentiment analysis to get the most out of your unstructured text.

Visit our GitHub repository to learn more about the Rosette’s Document Enrichment plugin for Elasticsearch.
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This ingest plugin allows Elasticsearch users to perform Language Identification, Sentiment Analysis, Entity Extraction, Categorization, and Name Translation on documents as they’re indexed.

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