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Gain customer insight and track trends across channels with fuzzy name matching and analytics from Rosette.
Proactively address quality, risk, and compliance gaps for improved satisfaction and experience.

text analytics for contact centers

Spend less time finding and
more time helping.

icon Improve customer satisfaction and agent productivity

icon Find who you’re looking for the first time

icon Language and script agnostic

icon Reduce duplicate records

12 Ways Rosette Matches Customers to Their History

Phonetic similarity
Transliteration spelling differences
Abdul RasheedAbd al-Rashid
Missing spaces or hyphens
MaryEllenMary EllenMary-Ellen
Titles and honorifics
Truncated name components
Missing name components
Phillip Charles CarrPhillip Carr
Out-of-order name components
Diaz, Carlos AlfonzoCarlos Alfonzo Diaz
J. E. SmithJames Earl Smith
Names split inconsistently across database fields
Dick . Van DykeDick Van . Dyke
Same name in multiple languages
Mao ZedongМао Цзэдун泽东澤東
Date of Birth
Dec 15, 198412/15/84

Never lose another customer over a mis-typed name

Name matching is hard.

Spelling variations, initials, nicknames, and titles can all slow down the process. While many software tools use a rich thesaurus of name variations for matching, this approach still stalls if a name is not listed.

To address this problem, Rosette uses a statistical, machine learning-based approach that can resolve names against external references to find the right person, the first time.

text analytics for contact centers
contact center text analytics

Search for “Richard Johnson” and see
how Rosette picks up “Dick Johnson,” a nickname.

Rosette uses advanced semantic and machine learning techniques to quickly and accurately locate customer records. Misspellings, non-Latin scripts, missing accent markings? Rosette is unfazed.

Try our demo today and see how Rosette can improve metrics
and satisfaction on both ends of the line.

Support Machines is a self-service customer support platform that helps customers find answers to their questions on the web, in mobile applications, and via social networks. With the help of Rosette, the platform provides answers to questions based on the background context of the conversations. Answers flow to the customer in a meaningful way, for example, offering instructions or conveying information from general to specific.


Advanced Analytics for
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