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Optimizing Multilingual Search Using Solr

David Anthony Troiano Principal Software Engineer This talk was delivered at the Boston Data Con 2014 on September 13th, 2014. David Troiano explains how to optimize Apache Solr for multilingual search. Using the example of “Serie A” (which is an Italian Football Club), David shows how a major search engine finds documents in both Italian and English. To […]

Making sense of unstructured data by turning strings into things

  Gregor Stewart Product Manager for Text Analytics This talk was delivered at the Big Data Analytics, Discovery & Visualization Meetup in Cambridge, MA on August 21st, 2014. Gregor Stewart gives an overview of Basis Technology’s text analytics offerings and how various components can be used to make sense of big text data. In the course of […]

Listening to the Customer with Text Analytics

As the old saying goes, “The customer is always right.” But how do we know what customers are saying when they aren’t talking to us directly and there may be millions of them? And how can we decide when something a single customer is saying has implications for the way we do business with all of our customers?

Hats off to Newsle! Well done, LinkedIn!

It’s official; two students in a dorm room is the new startup paradigm. This past Monday, news tracking site Newsle, which was co-founded by two Harvard sophomores, was acquired by a pillar of social media, LinkedIn. Here in Cambridge, we are thrilled to see the success of yet another alumnus of our startup program. When […]

Fixing the No Fly List with Cross-lingual Name Matching

Or: How to detain Tsarnaev But Not Your Grandmother Recent news stories trumpeting the unconstitutionality of the No Fly list (Washington Post) miss the point.  Sensationalized headlines like “No-fly list violates constitutional rights, judge rules” (Fox News) and “Federal judge rules US no-fly list violates Constitution” (Reuters) misinterpret U.S. District Court Judge Anna Brown.  The […]

Search and Beyond with Text Analytics

Benson Margulies Chief Technology Officer, Basis Technology This talk looks at how some of our language processing components help applications give users a high quality search experience. This is a partial transcript of the recorded talk. What is SEARCH? We all know what search is, at least we think we do. Search is this box. You type […]

Who, What, When, Where and the Quest for Why

The marriage of Geospatial Intelligence and Entity Resolution.

This blog post is inspired by the many conversations we had at the recent GEOINT Symposium about how geospatial data can become an ideal pivot point for an entity resolution system enabling users to transition from When and Where to Who and What and the elusive Why.

Why name matching matters

It’s marathon season again in Boston and the media is revisiting the tragic events of last year’s Boston Marathon bombings. One aspect in particular is getting some attention – how Tamerlan and his brother slipped through the security net. Peter Cooney of Reuters covers this in his recent article “Russia Told America To Detain Tamerlan Tsarnaev […]

Synthexis Information Access Survey

The Open Source Search conference (part of Basis Tech Week) is less than a month away, and we’re looking forward to some fascinating presentations from the big players in the space. This year, we’re excited to have Sue Feldman — formerly of IDC and now CEO of Synthexis — as the conference chairwoman. She will […]