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How Does Rosette Calculate Name Match Scores?

Imagine that you’re responsible for determining whether the name Jesús Alfonso López Díaz matches a name on a credit report or a no-fly list. Naturally, you’d like a simple, match/no match result. After all, it seems like a straightforward matter of text comparison, so any computer should be able to perform the task. But when […]

Fuzzy Search Names in Elasticsearch Using Rosette Name Matching

Elasticsearch developers who want to fuzzy search names across multiple fields and cover the spectrum of name variations (sometimes two or more in a single name), know how much of a bear it can be. Until now, the solution has not been completely satisfactory, comprehensive, nor clean, but that’s all about to change.

Applying NLP to Mental Health Diagnosis

Computational tools that process human language can detect the disordered speech patterns associated with mental illness, aiding clinicians in their diagnoses and treatment plans. 

FinCrime in Focus: Challenges in Screening

We hosted a discussion between Jeanne Le Garrec, Regional Director, ASEAN region at Basis Technology and Hwee Kun Ho, Head of Sales, APAC at Napier to discuss challenges in screening for financial crime compliance and share Jeanne’s vast experience. In this episode of FinCrime in Focus: Challenges in Screening, we focused on screening challenges: their causes, and how to overcome these with […]

Adapt Rosette’s Entity Extraction to Your Content for Increased Accuracy

Entity extraction is becoming a mission-critical tool for finding mentions of people, places, organizations, and products in massive quantities of text. In patent searches, law enforcement, voice-of-the-customer analysis, ad targeting, content recommendation, e-discovery, and anti-fraud, entity extraction enables swift analysis of gigabytes of data. Among named entity recognition systems, those such as Rosette’s entity extraction function which […]

What is Entity Extraction?

How it’s used and how it works Entity extraction (aka, named entity recognition or NER) is a type of natural language processing technology that enables computers to analyze text as it is naturally written. Specifically, it pulls out the most important data points (entities) in unstructured text (think news, webpages, text fields). Entities include names […]

Linking In-house and Third-party Data to Streamline Success

Are you bumping into the walls of siloed data? Whether your company is grappling with legacy systems that don’t integrate or datasets from third-party sources without common keys, there are ways to create matches in the data that paint a more robust view of your customer, prospect, or person of interest.  Consolidating Your In-house Data […]

Evolution and Formation of Hebrew Names and Nicknames

Like many other languages and cultures, Hebrew names have been influenced by languages of countries where Jewish people lived, but also by the fact that within the last half century, Hebrew became a living language again, with native speakers creating their own unique naming traditions. This blog will focus on Jewish names in Hebrew and […]

Rosette 1.17.0 Release: Hebrew Name Translation, French Semantic Similarity, Robust Address Matching

Recent Rosette® Cloud and Enterprise releases (1.17.0, 1.16.1) bring expanded language coverage to name translation and semantic similarity, and ease of use to the address matching capability within Rosette Name Indexer. We have also made improvements to Arabic-Arabic and Arabic-English name matching, as well as better morphological analysis in various languages. Hebrew name translation Name […]

Faster Annotation with Rosette Adaptation Studio

What are the top three barriers to better machine learning models? Annotating data, annotating data, and annotating data. Okay, so it’s not that simple, but producing quality training data to produce accurate models takes up the lion’s share of human labor and time in the entire process. This includes collecting and cleaning data, making sure […]

How Data Annotation Works: Inside NLP and Search, Part IV

Interested search technology—or AI generally? Over the next four weeks, we’re going to take an in-depth (and interesting!) look at the technology that makes modern search tick. This week, we’re breaking down step by step how data annotation works. How Entity Annotation Works It should come as no surprise that an entity extractor requires a […]

Why Data & Data Annotation Make or Break AI: Inside NLP and Search, Part III

Interested search technology—or AI generally? Over the next four weeks, we’re going to take an in-depth (and interesting!) look at the technology that makes modern search tick. Today we’re digging into data and how it’s prepared. Data: The Building Blocks of AI Machine-learning algorithms don’t just spring from nothing. Before they can extract or link […]