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What is “Arabizi”?

The Arabic chat language, known as “Arabizi”, is a casual version of written Arabic that was born when Arabic speakers began using Western keyboards to spell out their native language with the Roman alphabet. With the growth of digital communication, Arabizi has become one of the most proliferate online languages. With as many as 420 million speakers in the world, Arabic coverage, and by extension, Arabizi, is necessary for any global text analytics system.

Arabizi transliteration

Rosette API converts all Arabizi variations to the correct modern Arabic word, minimizing information loss and ensuring consistency across translations. Its a linguistic algorithm looks at the frequency of the structural components of each word together with a statistical model trained on the input of millions of Internet users from all over the Arabic-speaking world. It can also transliterate standard Arabic into Arabizi.

In order to process the huge volumes of Arabizi text being created, it must first be converted to the long-form, Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). After Arabizi text has been transliterated to Arabic, it can be run through other forms of linguistic analysis, such as morphology, entity extraction, and sentiment analysis.

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How it Works

A language in evolution

Because it is a new and evolving language, Arabizi text lacks standard spellings and grammatical rules, leading to dramatic variations from writer to writer. Additionally, Arabic is a widely spoken language, with many unique regional dialects. Writers from different regions not only use different spellings but also write in their local dialect:

Statistical modeling

We built the statistical model for the chat translation from more than 300 million Arabizi messages gathered from throughout the world. The database is updated regularly through an automatic algorithm that builds a new statistical model from the latest corpus. New releases include the latest version of the model trained with the most recent collection of chat messages.

 English  One day Johaand his son were packing their things in preparation for travel to the nearby city, and they climbed onto the back of their donkey in order to start their trip.English One day Joha and his son were packing their things in preparation for travel to the nearby city, and they climbed onto the back of their donkey in order to start their trip.
 MSA  في يوم منالأيام كان جحاوابنه يحزمون أمتعتهم إستعداداً للسفر إلى المدينة المجاورة، فركبا على ظهر الحمار لكي يبدأوا رحلتهم.
 MSA transliteration  Fii yowm minal-ayaam kaana Joha wa ibnuhu yahzimuun amta’atahum isti’daadan lil-safar ila al-madiina al mujaawira fa rakibaa ‘ala dhahri likay yabda’u rihlatahum.
 Algerian transliteration  Qallek wa7edennhar kan Djou7a w wlido y7addro besh yro7o lwa7ed mdina, wkan 3andhom 7mar.
Egyptian transliteration  fi youm min el ayem, kango7a we’bnobey7addaro 7aget-hom 3ashan yeroo7o el balad elli gambohom.

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  "content": "ana r2ye7 el gam3a el sa3a 3 el 3asr"


  "transliteration": "أنا رايح الجامعة الساعة ٣ العصر"


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