Sentiment Analysis

Determine sentiment on the document or entity-specific level

Sentiment Analysis


Sentiment detection at all levels

Sentiment refers to the attitudes, opinions, and emotions of a person towards a person, place, thing, or other entity. These are subjective impressions, not facts. Rosette returns sentiment scores for entire documents, or for individual entities within a larger body of text.

A document refers to a body of text that expresses sentiment such as a review of a film, a political editorial, a Facebook status or a short tweet. An “awesome new movie” is positive, but a “disastrous political scandal” has a negative sentiment.

What if the film review covers several movies? Which movies were more positively received than others? Here, Rosette applies entity extraction to identify the movies and determines the sentiment for each one by relating the sentiment in the review to each entity. Our sentiment analysis provides entity-level analysis for 18 entity types out of the box, but can be retrained to extract and analyze custom entity types on-premise.

Who really cares?

Sentiment analysis is widely applied to reviews and social media for a variety of applications:

  • Buyer satisfaction and product recommendations
  • Call centers and support communities
  • HR systems to predict employee churn
  • National security to monitor signals for threat or risk
  • Financial risk and volatility
  • Political polling and election predictions
  • Market trends and disruptions

Product highlights

  • 6 supported languages
  • 18 detected entity types
  • Document and entity-level analysis
  • Cloud and enterprise deployments
  • Fast and scalable
  • Industrial-strength support
  • Constantly stress-tested and improved

Tech Specs

Availability and platform support

Deployment availability:

Supported Languages

Arabic French Persian (Farsi and Dari)
English Japanese Spanish

Entity Types

Person Nationality Number Date
Location Religion ID Number Time
Organization Credit Card Phone Title
Product Lat/Long E-Mail
Money URL Distance

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Rosette Cloud

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Built for the most demanding text analytics applications and engineered to deliver high accuracy without sacrificing speed, Rosette Cloud is instantly accessible and offers a variety of plans to suit both startups and enterprises.

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Quality documentation and support

Customers love our thorough and responsive support team. We also provide in-depth documentation that lists all the features and functions of the various Rosette Cloud endpoints along-side examples in the binding of your choice.

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Enterprise ready

Evaluate Rosette’s functional fit with your business and data needs on Rosette Cloud knowing that scalable, customizable, enterprise deployments are available if you need them.

  "document": {
    "label": "pos",
    "confidence": 0.7962072011038756
  "entities": [
      "type": "PRODUCT",
      "mention": "Ghostbusters",
      "normalized": "Ghostbusters",
      "count": 3,
      "entityId": "Q108745",
      "sentiment": {
        "label": "pos",
        "confidence": 0.8111117726721541
      "type": "PERSON",
      "mention": "Dan Aykroyd",
      "normalized": "Dan Aykroyd",
      "count": 2,
      "entityId": "Q105221",
      "sentiment": {
        "label": "pos",
        "confidence": 0.6385089278441162
      "type": "ORGANIZATION",
      "mention": "The Hollywood Reporter",
      "normalized": "The Hollywood Reporter",
      "count": 1,
      "entityId": "Q61503",
      "sentiment": {
        "label": "pos",
        "confidence": 0.5338094035254866

Rosette Enterprise

Customize and scale your text analytics on premise

For organizations with vast data quantities, unique integration needs, and data security restrictions, we provide enterprise deployments to be hosted on your internal servers. Our sentiment analysis provides entity-level analysis for 18 entity types out of the box, but can be retrained to extract and analyze custom entity types as well.

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If your organization requires an enterprise solution, we’re happy to work with you to meet your business’ unique needs. For more in-depth evaluations please complete the form below and our Customer Engineering team will provide you with an evaluation package.

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