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Names are an essential source of information, but most names in the world are not written in English, making them all but impossible to work with for Anglocentric corporations and governments. These organizations must quickly and accurately translate their names, often at a very large scale.

Rosette translates names using its knowledge of language-specific naming conventions. Our tools are trained to recognize when to transliterate a name based on spelling or when to translate the meaning, such as a title.

Rosette name translation can quickly process millions of names in 13 languages to produce highly accurate, standardized English translations using industry-leading technologies, such as linguistic algorithms and statistical modeling. Rosette also supports name translation between Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Product highlights

  • 15 supported language pairs
  • Plugin for in-document and spreadsheet translation
  • Fast and scalable
  • Industrial-strength support
  • Cloud and enterprise deployments

How It Works

Spelling vs. Meaning

Words in a name can be translated according to their spelling or their meaning. Consider the following example:


Notice the title, “King” and it’s placement. Further, in any given language, a name may be native or transliterated from another language. Consider هاني الملقي‎‎ (Hani Al-Mulki), whose name is native to Arabic, and جورج دبليو بوش (George W. Bush) whose name is not.

Rosette name translation at work

  • Generate “conventional spellings” of frequently appearing foreign names
  • Transliterate “unrecognized” names, i.e. those not appearing in any known catalog of foreign names
  • Follow complex transliteration standards, such as the IC or U.S. Board on Geographic Names for translating from non-Latin scripts to English
  • Automatically resolve name spelling ambiguities in the source language, such as partial vocalization of Arabic, or word segmentation in Chinese

Tech Specs

Availability and platform support

Deployment availability:

Supported language pairs

Arabic ↔ English Dari ↔ English Japanese ↦ English Russian ↔ English
Chinese ↔ English Farsi ↔ English Korean ↔ English Thai ↔ English
Chinese ↔ Japanese Greek ↦ English Korean ↔ Japanese Urdu ↔ English
Chinese ↔ Korean Hebrew ↦ English Pashto ↔ English

Supported writing systems and transliteration standards

Language Script Sample Supported transliteration standards
Arabic Arabic محمد أنور السادات IC, SATTS, BGN, Basis, Buckwalter and others
Persian (Dari/Farsi) Arabic عذرا جعفری (Dari)
شيرين عبادى (Farsi)
Pashto Arabic حامد کرزی BGN, JDEC-Afghanistan
Urdu Arabic عبد السلام BGN, IC
Chinese Hanzi 刘晓波 Hanyu Pinyin, Wade-Giles
Korean Hanja
BGN, Korda, McCune-Reischauer, Revised Romanization of Korean
Japanese Kanji
Hepburn, Kunrei
Russian Cyrillic Михаи́л Серге́евич Горбачёв BGN, IC
Greek Greek Ἀριστοτέλης ISO 843:1997, ICU
Thai Thai พระพุทธยอดฟ้าจุฬาโลก ICU, ISO :11940-2, ISO 11940-2:2007

Arabic Translation Sample

The following examples illustrate Rosette Name Translator’s ability to translate names between Arabic and English depending upon the name’s language of origin.

Transliteration type Input Output
Person name – Arabic-origin ابو يوسف يعقوب‎‎ Abu-Yusif Ya’qub
Person name – English-origin رذرفورد بي هايز Rutherford B. Hayes
Place name – Arabic-origin باقة الشرقية Baqah al-Sharqiyyah
Organization Acronym – English-origin بي بي سي B.B.C.

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  "translation": "Mu'ammar Muhammad Abu-Minyar al-Qadhaf",
  "targetLanguage": "eng",
  "targetScript": "Latn",
  "targetScheme": "IC",
  "confidence": 0.06856099342585828

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