Identity Resolver

Improve the effectiveness and accuracy of your analysts using the power of artificial intelligence

The knowledge and effectiveness between your most experienced analyst and your least experienced analyst is dramatically different. Identity Resolver allows you to capture the institutional knowledge and subject matter expertise of all your analysts into a self-learning knowledge base, which will increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your entire enterprise.

Rosette® Identity Resolver processes unstructured text and discovers the entities you care about within content across multiple languages. Using contextual information around an entity mention, Identity Resolver will extract the information stored in a self-learning knowledge base to uniquely identify that mention. For example, “George Bush” or “President Bush” transforms from one of possibly thousands of people to the 43rd President of the United States. “The Bush sailed into Norfolk” is identified as the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier CVN 77. “الرقة على ضفة الفرات” becomes “Raqqa, Syria on the banks of the Euphrates River.”

With Identity Resolver, you can:

  • Leverage artificial intelligence to capture your institutional knowledge and subject matter expertise to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your analysts
  • Find the “ghosts” in your data — the people, places, and things you don’t know about
  • Use AI to eliminate the complex and obtuse queries currently in use to address the variety, ambiguity, and language challenges in your intelligence content.

Capture AI-driven institutional knowledge and subject matter expertise

You can only know what you know, so how can you leverage all the expertise in your organization? There’s a vast difference between the knowledge of your most senior analyst and the one who just started work yesterday. For most, “Parvinder Choudhary” of Punjab and “Parvinder Chowdhuri” of Himachal Pradesh seem like different people. Your team’s India expert, though, would know that in 1966, the province of Punjab was divided into the three modern-day provinces of Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, and Punjab, and that “Choudhary” and “Chowdhuri” are variants of the same surname.

Your knowledge base becomes a living repository of information, continually capturing and curating data about the things you care about. The system self-learns and more accurately links new data to the correct identity, as it accrues more data about those identities: photos, aliases, attributes, and connections.

“Ghost” detection: Discover identities you don’t know

A paradox of intelligence work is you simply don’t know what you don’t know. When the Identity Resolver comes across an identity that isn’t in your knowledge base, it will automatically create a “ghost” representing that new identity. As the system continues to process data, it will associate relevant data, associations, and relationships about each ghost.


Product highlights

  • Enterprise class software
  • Multilingual support across 18 languages and their native scripts
  • Easily integrated into existing systems
  • API bundle deployed via Rosette Cloud or on-premise Rosette Enterprise

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