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Deep Search for Salesforce

AI-driven Search Application for SalesForce

KonaSearch is a best-in-class search application for SalesForce enabling users to search every field, file, and object across multiple orgs and other data sources.

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SalesForce Search

Rosette + KonaSearch

Powered by Rosette’s advanced fuzzy matching capabilities, KonaSearch helps all kinds and sizes of organizations including recruitment companies, customer support services, and large sales organizations to find their information faster in SalesForce so that they can spend less time searching and more time doing their jobs.

KonaSearch at a Glance

Easy Installation

Install, configure, search in minutes without writing a single line of code!

Enhanced Search

Faster, easier, and more accurate search against “everything” in your SalesForce ecosystem.


Fully encrypted, authenticated, and secured in a virtual private cloud.


Consistent performance at any scale. Indexed more than 250M documents to date and counting.



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Multilingual Name Matching

Smart SalesForce Search Empowered by Rosette

Finding the right person’s or organization’s record in your CRM can be very challenging if your records include misspellings, aliases or nicknames, initials, acronyms, missing information, and non-Latin scripts.

Rosette blends machine learning with traditional name matching techniques such as name lists, common key, and rules to provide you with the best possible results.

Leveraging Rosette’s deep understanding of the linguistic complexities of names, KonaSearch enables users to find the person or organization they are looking for in SalesForce as well as the other connected third-party applications across 18 languages with greater accuracy.

salesforce search

Looking for a better search experience in SalesForce? Try KonaSearch.

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