Threat Intelligence by Recorded Future: When Getting Lost In Translation Isn’t An Option

In the movies, the villains always speak English, or viewers have subtitles. But in the real world of cyber attacks and threats, there’s no translation. That’s why Recorded Future relies on Basis Technology’s Rosette to do deep-dive analysis in English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Farsi, and Arabic. Analyzing both the web and dark web, Recorded Future brings their clients real-time intelligence about security threats, giving them the time and the information they need to take action.

“Recorded Future can go from having observed a document to providing intelligent information leaps and bounds faster than the speed at which a human could…”

Read the case study to learn more about Recorded Future’s unique offering that leverages Rosette’s entity extraction capabilities, available in 20 languages.

Photo: Chief Photographer/MOD [OGL (], via Wikimedia Commons