The Wonderful World of Text Analytics!

Discover our most popular plugins for data analytics and search

The world of text analytics and search improvement is vast, and we know you have many choices when it comes to picking out tools. Everyone has their own history and preferences, and many companies have legacy tools they can’t just throw away. Learning to play well with others is key to success. Interconnectivity is a must today for any system, application or functionality, to keep pace with innovation. That’s why we are continually introducing new ways for Rosette to smoothly plug-and-play into the applications and platforms preferred by our users.

Plugins for Precise, Comprehensive Multilingual Search

The Rosette plugins to Rapidminer, Apache Solr and Elasticsearch are very popular. With Rosette, users experience more comprehensive, accurate, and faster results searching in English or many languages. Rosette’s tokenization and lemmatization minimize index size and improve precision and recall results, which are very important for search engine users.

Rosette packages 40 languages into one plugin, so just a single connector gets you pre-processing for every language. There’s no complicated per-language gluing and customizing.

Powerful Fuzzy Name Search and Entities Discoveries add-on

To improve faceted and name matching search we also made our advanced name matching and translation features available as plugins. Fuzzy name matching and entities discovery help customers find people of interest: vitally important in identity management, anti-money laundering and Know Your Customer projects. More info on

Connectors to NLP fueled platforms for search enrichment

We haven’t limited our plugin catalog to just search engines. We work with several other technology vendors to provide access to our first-in-class text analytics. Here is a non-exhaustive list of integrations we have created to ease customers’ experience:

Analytics Platforms: Data Science for Non-Engineers & the Enterprise

Want to build a predictive analytics model with Rosette? Cool! We built an extension for RapidMiner (a top open source predictive analytics platforms to link up disparate data sources, without extensive coding. Rapidly gaining popularity on the RapidMiner extension marketplace, Rosette injects the analysis of unstructured text fields into RapidMiner models.

Need to bring semantic search to your company? Look no further! The Semantica platform, provided by Semantic Research, brings big data analytics to the enterprise by bringing semantics to entity, path, link, and social network analytics. We’ve recently built new Rosette integrations for link analysis in Semantica.

Deep Data Harvesting

Need to crawl the web effectively and extract entities in multiple languages? No problem! With Rosette connected directly into Brightplanet’s data harvesting and preparation engine, the harvest comes prepped with entities extracted in multiple languages to accelerate your task.

Foundation for Machine Translation

Need advanced machine translation? Done! We partner with Language Studio, provided by Omniscien Technologies, which offers machine translation customizable to your task and industry. Rosette’s language and morphological analysis provides the multilingual foundation so Language Studio can deliver the best machine translations possible.

Many Solutions with All-In-One Applications

If you are looking for an all-in-one, ready-to-deploy solution, we’ve got that too!

We work with a wide range of technology providers operating in related markets and spaces. They integrate Rosette directly into their systems delivering applications for threat detection, voice of the customer, social media analytics, web intelligence… We are proud to be the text analytics fuel powering innovative applications from Diffeo, Luminoso, Brand Sentiment and many more.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at and let us know what you are looking for. We evolve, grow, and expand with our partners and customers.