The Thanksgiving Turkey Pardon as Seen by Rosette

Thanksgiving has grown into a melting pot of different traditions with more than just delicious food to offer. One tradition that sparked our interest was the pardoning of the Thanksgiving turkey, as it’s been celebrated for decades!  

Since the Presidency of John F. Kennedy, it’s become a tradition for the president in office to issue a “pardon” to the turkey on Thanksgiving Day. This concept is still alive, and rest assured, the ceremonial turkey will never end up on a dinner table! 

We were interested in how this tradition originated and came across a Pardoning the Thanksgiving Turkey article. After finding it to be stuffed with different entities and themes, naturally, we wanted to see what would happen if we ran it through Rosette’s concept extractor, as it can easily pull a cornucopia of trends and topics in one simple step. 

Rosette’s concept extractor not only tells us the components of the article, it tells us what the article is actually about. After running the text through the tool, we were able to identify trends ranging from “American politicians”, to “agriculture”, to “food and drink ”. Rosette can also identify that the term “turkey” in the text is a food that you can cook and not “Turkey” the country. 

Without even reading the article, you are able to understand the key concepts, entities, nationalities, and linguistics of the text. But the importance of this tool goes far beyond the curiosity factor of how it applies to a Thanksgiving article. 

Why Concept Extraction is Important

Entity extraction, a text analysis technique, can only tell you what’s literally in a document which is only a small piece of the pie, but Concept extraction analyzes documents at a much higher level. Concepts are themes detected within the text that may not be explicitly named. For example, the turkey pardon article has a theme of 20th-century American people, even if the terms “20th-century” or “American people” do not appear in the text. 

This enables businesses and agencies to scan multitudes of documents to discover keywords that capture the essence of text and lists the key phrases and concepts to give you the gist of an article or document. This means that rather than reading through each individual file, Rosette pulls, generates, and stores this data — which you’ll be able to search through later to easily find documents about a particular topic. 

Basis Technology’s Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes

If you’re hungry for more tradition, we have one of our own. While we don’t exactly have a turkey pardoning, we are a team full of foodies. 

Our employees come to us from various countries, so each of our Thanksgiving celebrations are as diverse as the languages we support. Every year we get together and share our favorite Thanksgiving and holiday recipes which we’re now passing on to you! Give them a try and enjoy them at your dinner table this holiday season! 

The Best Sweet Potato Casserole

Slow Cooker Cranberry Sauce

Deep-Fried Turkey 

Old Fashioned Stuffing Recipe

Tofurkey Roast 

Pardon me, but is your business lookin’ to get cookin’ with concept extraction? Book your free demo of Basis Technology’s Rosette today!