Spotlight: Kickstart Your Future as a Basis Technology Co-Op

You’ve been preparing for this moment for a long time: finding your dream job after college. This milestone is exciting, but equally overwhelming because accepting the wrong offer could start your career on the wrong foot. That’s why it’s important to find a company that’s dedicated to helping you mold your future before you graduate. At Basis Technology’s co-op program, our team will welcome you as an innovator, not a spectator.

An Experience That Makes an Impact

Your co-op experience is a pivotal step toward your future. It’s not just about building a  resume. The right co-op program will expand your knowledge, challenge you, and sharpen your skills. Our co-op program does all of that by empowering you to work on real, innovative projects, using the latest technology. You’ll grow as a professional by tackling tasks on creative teams that won’t make you feel like “the intern.” We consider our co-ops valued members of our team. In fact, many of our full-time engineers started off in our co-op program and are now full-time employees. 

Julien C. started his software engineering career this way back in 2020. He explains why: “I really wanted to do something related to my major, which was computer science and linguistics, but those jobs are incredibly hard to find. It’s rare for someone interested in natural language processing to find an opportunity without a Ph.D. I really appreciate that Basis extends such an amazing program to students. I was solving real, live problems with actual customers who work for some of the most well-known companies and organizations in the world. It was so exciting to wake up every morning and learn what the team and I were going to work on next. It’s still exciting to this day. If you aren’t afraid of a challenge, Basis is the company to set you up for success.”

Unleash Your Curiosity

Your time as a co-op is meant for learning as much as you can about your career path, but that path doesn’t have to be a straight shot. We encourage our co-op students to branch out and be as curious as possible. You won’t have to commit your time to a single department because we give you the freedom to work on more than one team. We believe in the importance of exposing you to multiple areas of the company, so you find your niche. With so many ways to contribute here, we’re confident you’ll find a way to do what you love.

Gain the Ultimate Support System

It’s common practice in many companies for co-ops to stick to themselves, but that’s not the case at Basis Technology. We fully absorb co-ops into our company culture because we value the fresh outlook and influence they bring to our team. Julien C. recalls: “I never felt the pressure of doing or saying the right thing — I didn’t need to be perfect, but I was still able to work and collaborate on some of the most challenging projects with senior engineers. We were a team. We trusted each other.”

At Basis, the encouraging culture extends beyond the office. Co-ops join our weekly lunches, participate in team-building activities, and, of course, are invited to all the fun events we enjoy as a company. 

Join Our Team!

Basis Technology’s NLP software is used by organizations and governments around the world. We’re immensely proud of our AI-powered solutions, which keep countries safe and protect business organizations. If you’re ready for the ultimate adventure, join Basis Technology’s co-op program. You’ll find your passion and make your mark.