Rosette Version 7.6 Released!

Extract New Entity Types and Languages; Enhanced Name Translation and Matching for Spanish and Persian Names

We’re excited to announce the release of Rosette 7.6 which has many improvements, and several new features.

New Entity Type: Products

Rosette Entity Extractor can now find product names in news and review articles. Product names are key to brand monitoring, competitive analysis and more.

Portuguese Entity Extraction

We’ve also added full support for the Portuguese language to Rosette Entity Extractor.

The name technology parts of Rosette have also had significant upgrades in this release. We’ve increased the accuracy of name indexing for names in English and Spanish and name translation of names from Persian or Pashto to English. Rosette Name Indexer now also integrates with Solr 3.

Finally, Rosette Name Indexer (for name matching), and Rosette Name Translator are now all available via web services.