Rosette API Community Spotlight: NLP ME

One of the most satisfying parts of working on the Rosette API is seeing the cool projects our users come up with. Today we’re happy to showcase the work of Leo Simmons, a recent graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

As a portfolio development project, Leo created NLP ME, a chatbot style tool you can use to compare and explore natural language processing APIs, like Rosette.

Different text analytics suppliers may have different focuses and strengths: speed over accuracy, multilingual coverage vs. concentrating on a few languages. A tool like Leo’s makes it simple for the user to determine the API best suited for their project.

In NLP ME, choose the APIs and the functions you’d like to try and send in some text. NLP ME will return results formatted in plain text, making it easy to see how the different services handle the same text, code-free. It features Rosette’s Categorization, Sentiment Analysis, Entity Extraction, and Relationship Extraction endpoints.

Take a look, and check out Leo’s other work at

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