Road To Japan: How to Yelp Like a Native

If a politician is to gain favor, it’s good to remember that “all politics is local.” That’s also true in the business of crowdsourcing reviews of local businesses. Yelp clearly knows what it’s doing with numerous review sites in cities worldwide that have logged millions of reviews—more than 83 million reviews by the end of Q2 2015. So way before Yelp Japan launched in 2014, its goal was clear: to create quality, polished products to local Japanese users that would facilitate creating a community of users from the start.

“… if we misunderstand the language, and ship core functionality that reads as broken in a local language—it makes us look like a company that doesn’t understand the local customs and languages and makes it hard to build a community of local users. We rely on local people who are passionate about their local businesses, so it’s doubly important to get these right.”

Learn about the key role that the Rosette text analytics suite played in helping to make Yelp Japan feel as familiar as sushi.

Read the Yelp case study.


Yelp Japan Screenshot