Playing Santa Claus to Twitter’s Wishlist with Rosette

In the ubiquitous words of Mariah Carey, “All I Want for Christmas is You,” but what else is the Twitter-verse asking for this holiday season? With just a few days left before the holiday, we here at Rosette thought it would be fun to take a look.

We compiled multilingual Christmas requests by collecting tweets with hashtags like #alliwantforchristmas, #cequejeveuxpournoel, and #loquequieroparanavidad. Using Rosette’s entity extraction and morphological analysis capabilities, plus a little help from Word it Out, we created with this visualization of Twitter’s holiday wish list featuring requests in English, French, and Spanish:

While this was by no means an exhaustive sampling, we can pull out some interesting themes. Wellness is well represented in English and Spanish with requests for “resto,” (rest) “sol,” (sun) and “mental health.” “Family” appears in all three languages: “family,” “famille,” and “familia.” There are also lots of technology mentions, including particular products like the Samsung Galaxy J5 and S7 as well as the basic “laptop” in English and “téléphone portable” in French.

We also saw some very specific requests, including Trevor Noah’s new book, “Born a Crime,“ “handmade Panama hat,” and “fleur de métal” (metal flower). “Rolls Royce,” “Lenny Kravitz,” and “two minute export” also show up on the list; we’d gladly take faster internet any day!

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