Meet the Know Identity Panelists

Basis Technology brings together digital identity experts for a panel at the Know Identity Conference, March 26th

Next week the Know Identity Conference in Washington D.C. will bring together thought leaders and technologists in digital identity, cybersecurity, KYC/AML, and more to explore how technology can help us understand, verify, and explore human identities in a digital age.

We were honored to have our panel submission accepted: “Beyond the Digital Identity,” to be moderated by Chris Mack, our VP Product, Text Analytics:

Creating a database of identities enables companies to comply with regulations, understand customers, and for governments to protect their citizens. But it remains difficult to perform analysis using external data sources like news, customer data, social media activity, and analyst reports because of the challenges involved in linking mentions to identity records. This panel will discuss real world challenges and successful strategies to make these connections and construct knowledge graphs.

Meet the panelists

Chris Mack, moderator – As VP of Product, Chris sets the direction for Basis Technology’s flagship Rosette text analytics and identity resolution technology. He has deep understanding of trends in text analytics and experience applying it to search, AI, big data, financial compliance and intelligence systems. Previously, he built the Rosette customer engineering team from the ground up to design and implement customer solutions using Rosette. Chris has spent the last 20 years in software development, data analytics, business strategy, and business operations.

Glenn Dinetz – Glenn is the founder and Firm Managing Director at Greystone Intelligence. Currently, he is under contract assignment with eClerx Markets, Ltd.

In his role at eClerx, he is responsible for Global AML / Financial Crime Products and Services. eClerx provides a targeted set of onboarding, screening, due diligence and investigative services and solutions to the global financial services market. He is both a thought leader and executor in the financial crimes space having combined career experience in law enforcement, Big 4 Consulting, CxO roles and entrepreneur.

John Frank – John is CEO and co-founder of Diffeo, where he focuses on helping people digest complex information using collaborative machine intelligence. John’s previous startup, MetaCarta, pioneered map-based entity search and was acquired by Nokia in 2010, where he served as Chief Architect for Search until 2012. John has a B.S. from Yale, loves solar cars, and is a Hertz Fellow at MIT in soft condensed matter physics.

Bryan Hurd – Bryan is a cybercrime, computer security, terrorism and homeland security executive with over 25 years of creating programs that have national and international impact. A U.S. Naval Academy graduate and veteran, Bryan founded the U.S. Navy’s first cyber counterintelligence program at NCIS, and built the global computer forensics program for EDS (now HP).

He led innovation for the entire US watch listing system at the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) and was also the first director of intelligence of the Digital Crimes Unit at Microsoft’s Global Cybercrime Center. Bryan works in Seattle at Stroz Friedberg as the Vice President for Operations, and serves on advisory boards of several commercial companies (including Rhino Security Labs) along with the non-profit Savvy Cyber Kids.

Tony Smith – Tony is a Global Border Management Consultant for Fortinus Global. He is the former Director General of the UK Border Force and SRO for UKBA London 2012 Olympic Border Security Programme. He has over 40 years experience in global border management and border security programs and operations.

Staffan Truvé – Staffan is co-founder and CTO of Recorded Future. Previously he was CEO of the Swedish Institute of Computer Science and Interactive Institute. Staffan has co-founded more than a dozen high tech start-up. He holds a PhD in computer science from Chalmers University of Technology and an MBA from Göteborg University. He has been a Fulbright Scholar at MIT. His research interests include artificial intelligence and information visualization. Staffan is a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences.

More to come

Not going to make it to the conference next week but interested in digital identity? Don’t worry, we’re sharing a few spoilers in advance. We interviewed the panelists, and will be sharing some of their thoughts and predictions over the next few days on our blog. Check back Wednesday to learn what the experts think about the current state of digital identity technology.