Making sense of unstructured data by turning strings into things


Gregor Stewart

Product Manager for Text Analytics

This talk was delivered at the Big Data Analytics, Discovery & Visualization Meetup in Cambridge, MA on August 21st, 2014.

Gregor Stewart gives an overview of Basis Technology’s text analytics offerings and how various components can be used to make sense of big text data. In the course of the talk, Gregor reviews how the leading search engines deliver entity cards with their search results. Then he goes on to demonstrate how entity resolution can be used to deliver this same experience in a custom built application.

Delving into a narrative about how an analyst could use the Odyssey platform to find interesting OSINT (open source intelligence), Gregor demonstrates how text analytics can greatly improve the speed information discovery.

During the question and answer, Gregor explains how various models are trained on annotated data, and fields a number of questions about financial services applications of text analytics.

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