Highlight 5 Release Brings Translation of Names from Pashto to English

xa transliterates hamid karzai

Highlight 5’s Transliteration Assistant translates a name in Pashto to English, according to the IC standard.

For the government intelligence community, the recent release of Highlight version 5 is a huge productivity boost for linguists and analysts working with the languages of Afghanistan, Iran, and the Middle East—Arabic, Pashto, Dari, and Farsi.

Transliteration Assistant, the flagship component of Highlight, extends the ever growing number of languages that Highlight can transliterate into the IC Standard (the standard by which all intelligence community linguists and analysts must render proper names for official translations and reports).  Highlight now supports the Pashto IC standard. At the touch of a button, Highlight can standardize thousands of Pashto names regardless of whether they’re written in English or Pashto, enabling the linguist to concentrate on other translation requirements.

That button is part of the other big news in this release: a more vibrant, more intuitive, user interface. With the press of a button, users apply an action to their selected name, choosing whether Highlight does it automatically or with their assistance.

xa arabic ribbon

Highlight’s new Transliteration Assistant ribbon bar.

What’s behind the button?  A cutting-edge web service architecture that positions Highlight to rapidly add new features, languages and platforms. And that’s what we’re doing—in the coming months we’ll add support for Mandarin Chinese and better integrate knowledge about names and entities. We’re also prototyping new kinds of features like automatic identification of names, integration with computer assisted translation (CAT) tools, and cloud-oriented tools.

Basis Technology is proud to work closely with our government partners to ensure Highlight meets the needs of the intelligence community now and in the future.