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Understand your pup like never before with a new suite of unstructured data analytics tools custom-built for canine language. Pawsome!

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Dog ID: quickly identify breed by its bark

According to the World Canine Organization, or Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI), there are over 300 recognized dog breeds around the word. Understanding so many woof variations can be ruff. Bark identification is a prerequisite for accurately analyzing canine conversation. It categorizes content and improves search results especially for documents. With 55 languages covered, our Bark ID is at the head of the pack.

Pup Sentiment: get in touch with your dog’s feelings

Ever wonder what Rover really thinks about that new paleo, gluten-free, vegan puppy chow you’ve switched him to? Now’s your chance to find out. Run barks, yips, and howls through our Dog Sentiment Analysis engine for insights that would make even Pavlov jealous. Bark API determines where on a scale from positive to negative Spot’s sentiments lie.

KYC solutions: know your (furry) companion

Sparky, Mr. Spark, Sparkles, Spark-man…there are a lot of variations in how we address our pups. Bark API powers KYC solutions that allow you to fuzzy name match across nicknames, misspellings, titles, initials and more across 15 languages.

Breaking mews: feline analytics in the works!

More of a fan of Puss than Fido? We hear you. Meowalytics (copyright pending) is in the works. Purrfect! Drop us a line to learn more, make suggestions, or request a demo.

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