Leverage AI to Minimize Risks with Name Screening for AML

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It’s time to clean up anti-money laundering. 75% of the alerts in typical AML/ KYC screenings are false positives. What if you could reduce false positives to guarantee the data you’re looking at is relevant for your client?

Rosette is the solution that delivers not only faster, more accurate results with fewer errors, but also possesses the inherent scalability to meet the ever-increasing complexity and volume of names on external and internal watchlists.

Combat financial crime and make smarter compliance decisions with Rosette’s fully automated, AI-driven AML/KYC solutions.

Never Miss a Match: With Rosette, you can accurately match names and assess risk better than you would with clunky legacy solutions.

Optimize Workflow and Increase Productivity: With the greater accuracy Rosette offers, you can eliminate false positives, allowing your compliance team spend less time on reviewing results manually.

Search across Multiple Languages and Scripts: With fluency in 15 languages, Rosette enables you to search for names in their source languages, including those with non-latin alphabets.

75% of the alerts in a typical KYC screening are false positives.
Since 2013, financial institutions failing to meet AML rules for KYC have been fined more than $10 billion
+100% increase in alerts every four years due to an increase in SDNs and transaction numbers.

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Rosette is the preferred way to improve your watchlist screening process. Request your free demo today!