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Who Uses Rosette

Text analytics by Rosette® is making it possible to find signals from social media and big data, whether the purpose is performing due diligence, learning what makes customers happy and unhappy, or forecasting imminent events. Rosette’s intelligent name matching technology is enabling efficient and accurate watchlist screening, and patient/customer records lookup.

What Rosette Does

Our broad language coverage is also deep. We don’t release a new language until its out-of-the-box quality and performance meet our tough standards. Most importantly, customers are empowered to configure and customize our software to adapt it to their data and use case for the best possible results.

How Rosette Does It

Our natural language processing technology uses the method best suited to each task, whether machine learning, rules, or dictionaries. We continually evaluate, develop, and refine our technologies to meet tomorrow’s needs.

Basis Technology has been enabling customers to verify identities, understand customers, anticipate world events, and uncover crime. Since 1998, Rosette has been adopted by over 200 major firms, including, Société Générale, Microsoft Bing, Yahoo!, Oracle, Hitachi, Fujitsu, and government agencies around the world. Rosette is also fueling the current generation of innovation including Airbnb, Luminoso, Medallia, Pinterest, Recorded Future, and Yelp.


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