About Us

Extracting Meaningful Intelligence from Multilingual Text

Rosette text analytics comes from Basis Technology, which develops software to make the knowledge in unstructured text accessible to search engines and data analytics applications, anywhere in the world.

Over 200 leading firms rely on our software

Since our founding in 1995, our products and services have been used by over 200 major firms, including Amazon.com, EMC, Endeca/Oracle, Exalead/Dassault, Fujitsu, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Oracle, and governments around the world.

Our language analysis and digital forensics software is widely used in the U.S. defense and intelligence industry by firms such as BBN, CACI, Lockheed Martin, MITRE, Northrop Grumman, and SAIC. We’re also the top provider of Asian linguistic technology to web search engines, including Ask.com, Microsoft Bing, and Yahoo!.

Computational linguistics and digital forensics expertise

Through these relationships, we’ve developed a reputation for deep expertise in computational linguistics and digital forensics, an uncompromising commitment to providing quality software and services, and dedication to serving our customers’ needs with unparalleled support.

Our Rosette text analytics toolkit uses state of the art natural language processing techniques to improve information retrieval, text mining, machine learning, statistics, and computational linguistics. Rosette provides capabilities from pure linguistics to entity, name, and relationship centric analysis in Asian, European, and Middle Eastern languages.

Most widely used software for multilingual information extraction

Rosette is the world’s most widely-used family of commercial software products for multilingual information retrieval. Its reliability, scalability, accuracy, and strict compliance with industry and international standards have been put to the test in high volume transaction environments, such as Amazon.com’s global e-commerce system.


Verifying identity, understanding customers, anticipating world events, uncovering crime. For over twenty years, Basis Technology has provided analytics enabling businesses and governments to tackle some of their toughest problems.