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Most Widely-Used Multilingual Information Extraction Solution On The Market

Rosette® text analytics is a robust toolkit for processing language, documents, and names.

Our global customers in government, finance, eDiscovery, search, social media, and beyond, depend on Rosette text analytics to analyze massive volumes of data. Rosette offers deep intelligence and deep value, transforming unstructured text into actionable insights, verifying identities, and preventing catastrophes.

Multilingual text analytics for actionable insights

Eighty-percent of big data exists as unstructured text, found in documents, webpages, and databases. This unstructured text is also multilingual — less than 6% of the world’s population are native English speakers — only adding to the complexity.

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Best in class multilingual text analysis functions.

Rosette text analytics uses linguistic analysis, statistical modeling, and machine learning to accurately process unstructured text and names, revealing valuable information and actionable data.

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“Basis is the glue in the solution for us. It’s successful by how little we need to deal with it [the name matcher]. It’s a fundamental piece, and also the piece we have to interact with the least once we integrated the solution”

Marc McCabe
Business Development Lead, Airbnb

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